What's Up Wednesday!


Hey y’all! It’s What’s Up Wednesday! I’m here. I’m good.

Taking back my life and space is the #MOOD this week, last week I started this mission to get my daughters room together. I had her take alllllllll of her shoes out and line them up in the loft. This was the beginning of the green eyed monster I didn’t even know existed. My daughter, as amazing as she is, is a little baby hoarder. She wants to keep everything and when I say everything, I am not exaggerating.

Example: Last week in trying to clean her room I found a bunch of “drawings” that she had done while at work with my mom one random day in the past. There was about 15 sheets of paper, folded in 4 and stuffed in an old Sephora bag. I threw it away. She. Had. A. Melt. DOWN. Random drawings that she would never look at again took her all the way to melt down.

1.      I think I mentioned here the adoption story I had been following of one of the bloggers from A Beautiful Mess. Well, anyway, on a blog post they mentioned The Home Edit. The pictures on the home page, give me warm and fuzzys. I love it. I love organization, although I’m not there yet. Color coordinated organization is GOALS.

2.      I saw these on the IKEA website and fell in love! In my daughters next room I want to find a way to incorporate these light boxes. Super fun!

3.      I have been seeing all over the place color coordinated bookshelves, like this one. I love the look of it, I am not into all the colors in my personal spaces. I do think this would be fun in a kids room.

4.      Heres some organization tips from Good Housekeeping, some a little OD some very useful.

5.      The ladies at Forbes + Masters designed Myleiks house, and she was a guest on this episode of the MyTaughtYou podcast which I have told yall that I love. Anyway, I love the aesthetic their style provides with the rich colors and bold pieces. Definitely inspiring my own spaces, when I get there.

6.      To end this week, Complex did this article on the 50 Most Expensive Celebrity Houses on the Market. Special mention to Kimora Lee Simmons house! She is the epitome of extravagance. Love.

Welp, that’s all I got for this week. TTYL.



What's Up Wednesday!

What's Up Wednesday!