What's Up Wednesday!


So, I know .. I know. I missed last week, but I have good reason & that is that I am trying to think of a more structured way to run this blog. Plus, I am still working on BougieandtheBudget, which will be launching soon, so that has been my main priority. If you haven’t, please go subscribe now by clicking here .

One thing I think I want to start doing here, is sharing what I am clicking/searching/liking every week. 

So, behold the first installment of What’s Up Wednesday! :)

  • I was reading somewhere, I think on Bloglovin’ and came across this post . Listen, if you know me, you know how I feel about the color combination of black, gold and white. Look at this stove, I die. I am clearly living my life in the wrong price range, this is forever home GOALS. 
  • I saw Black Panther on Friday night, and OH MY GAHH. It was sooooo good. So good, the black girl magic sprinkled all over that thang had me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. It was my first Marvel movie. It was so beautifully done. I am impressed. I thinkI am going to take my daughter to see it this weekend, I think all little girls should see this, especially kids of color.
    This is gonna sound so fancy, but .. I went to a private screening for a friend’s birthday. He rented out the theater and we all were served and it was just so amazing. This happened at this Eclipse Theaters here in Vegas, consider me outdone. I was living my best life. The way the universe intended. So blessed! Happy Birthday Major! :)
Here’s a group pic after the movie.

Here’s a group pic after the movie.


  • So, I’m still on sabbatical so I haven’t been on Social Media, I finished this book already. I picked it up a while ago in the airport coming from Miami. I currently have this book and this  book on my nightstand. I got the second book by recommendation from Myleik Teele, it is MASSIVE. So it will probably take me a while to get through, both of these books are very like introspective and require you to put some self-work in so it will take some time to get through both. Then because those 2 books are very work intense, I went and got this and this to just read in between doing the work.
  • I also found this bag. The online pics don’t do it any justice; it was super cute in person and on me. I currently don’t really have an everyday purse; I have been carrying this thing around, I got it on sale at Macys around Christmas time and it gets the job done. I REALLY want a Neverfull so I have been trying to hold out from buying a bag until I can take the leap into a bag that costs about as much as my rent. LOL. I am thinking it might be my graduation gift, that I get everyone to pitch in on.
  • I have been researching crystals, thinking about ordering this
  • I don’t know how I found them, but I am obsessed with this adoption story, I was always tuned into them via the moms Instagram . So now I just wait for them to post on their blog to stay up to date.
  • I am currently listening to the Migos - Culture II. Its a guilty ratchet pleasure. Don't judge me but, I love it.
  • Listen, my coworker told me about this thing. I think I want one. I think this is a key to my perfect Thanksgiving. In a dream world, I would have this wonderfully orchestrated family Thanksgiving. *cues violins* a girl can dream right?

That’s all I got this week :)



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