What's Up Wednesday!


Another Wednesday, here we are. Officially one week since Bougie and the Budget went live. What a whirlwind. I was completely overwhelmed with the support shown to me in this venture! I wasn’t ready. I am soooo appreciative. Just WOW. So thank you.

So back to regularly scheduled programming here at osojazy.com!

This week:

1.      Car search is a REAL thing, and it’s extremely hard when you have the one car you have always wanted & you love it. Especially the way that I love mine, but the issues at this point are just draining me. I have to go in a different direction, one more practical and reliable. At least until I get to graduation this December. I’ve been to Infiniti to see the Q50 and Lexus, looked at the IS300. For the money they want and the lack of love I have for either it’s just not worth the money to me right now. I also for kicks and giggles went to the Dodge dealership and well.. no thanks. So I have been looking at Honda maybe.. idk. Ugh. This is so ridiculous. Any recommendations?

2.      Beychella. Lawd hammercy. There is nothing like that woman on this good green earth. All I wanna know is when can I have my edges back?

3.      Cowboys released the schedule for this year, so I am plotting on which game I am gonna make it to. Thinking maybe the Saints in November. That’s kind of close to graduation so we shall see.

4.      Currently obsessing over the idea of being done with school. I have registered for my final semester and applied for graduation. WHAT IS LIFE!? I can’t even fathom not having school it doesn’t seem real. Then have to debate the issue of whether or not I want or need a Masters.

5.      I did my first ever Podcast last week. Literally 2.5hrs of me arguing with the guys on the Views from the 7 podcast. It was however, very fun. I was super nervous before hand, but once I got there and in the mix, it really was nothing to be nervous about, I felt like a natural. So I am looking to crash all Podcasts. Click here to check out my episode! Lol.

6.      I’ve been catching up on Being Mary Jane on Netflix.

7.      Besides that nothing much going on, hopefully next week I'll be raving about my new car.




What's Up Wednesday!

What's Up Wednesday!