how to level up in the goal game.

I have found that simply having goals is great, but actually writing them down is a GAME CHANGER. I started taking the time to really write out my goals last year. Many of the influential "successful" folks I follow on social media have put such a great emphasis on writing goals down that I couldn't ignore it.

I feel like every time I take the time to really sit down and think about and outline my goals, I get a little better at it. The thing about goals, is picking them is pretty easy. Typically, you know what you want to achieve. Therefore, deciding what your goals will be is really the easy part, but that isn't the end, its actually only the beginning. Putting a little effort behind outlining your goals makes you much more likely to achieve them. I am only saying this because I have done the work, and saw the outcomes!

Simply thinking about your goals is not enough. You gotta put a little work behind defining your goals and Auntie Erykah said it best:



 I have found the key to leveling up in the goals game is following these 7 key steps!

  1. Give yourself a deadline
    • Set a date of when you want to accomplish the goal.
  2. Be EXTREMELY specific & make them measurable.
    • Be intentional when setting these goals for yourself. 
    • Instead of: Save Money try this instead: Add $500 to Savings Account
  3. Know your WHY.
    • Setting a goal; is intentional but outlining your WHY adds a level of motivation that makes you more likely to achieve said goal.
  4. Define a reward for yourself.
    • Sometimes dangling a carrot in your own face will push you to achieving your goals. Outline some kind of reward for yourself to stay motivated. 
  5. Track your Progress.
    • Hold yourself accountable, be sure to track your progress, often to stay accountable.
  6. Tell Someone!
    • Accountability is what kept me motivated last year, tell someone who will ask you about your progress and keep you accountable.
    • Additionally, I told anyone who would listen that I was getting me an Audi last year. Every time I saw a Q5 I reaffirmed to myself that that was my car! Nothing was going to stop me and I constantly reminded myself (and anyone around that it was coming) and guess what? It did! 
  7. Review them Often.
    • Its important to be realistic and adjust as necessary. Sometimes what you want changes, be sure that your goals are aligned with what you REALLY want.

I have set my goals and written them out, I am working on my 2018 goals post to share them with y'all.

 In the mean time, in between time, what are your goals for the year?

Let me know! Comment, Email me, or holler at me on IG or Twitter or both! 



adios 2017 . bienvenido 2018