adios 2017 . bienvenido 2018

I guess this will be my obligatory first post of the year, recap and what not .. just wanted to pop in & say whassup to my folks!

So here we are, top of 2018. still trying to be great, but before I get to my "new year - new me" gotta look back at what happened to get me here, first of all .. the goals I had for myself last year that I posted here..


I accomplished these without question:

- got my Audi (yasssss)
- added $1000 to my no touch savings (did BETTER than this)
- go to an NFL game (Cowboys in October - best experience EVER)

The rest I kinda did .. I mean I stuck in there. I made it. The thing about last year was I lacked consistency.

So.. just in writing this post and reviewing my goals from last year I am making a conscious decision to make my word of the year CONSISTENCY.

I need to be more consistent.

Here are a few lessons I will take with me from 2017:

  1. Writing down my goals, changed the game. I will never not write down anything I want to accomplish ever again.
  2. Letting people go; may be hard.. but people that wanna stay DO & those that don't -  won't.
  4. I have to be more kind to myself.
  5. Better is out there; just have to believe you deserve it and go get it.
  6. I can say NO.
  7. Its okay to move on, and never look back.
  8. This too shall pass ........

Overall in 2017 - I got my dream car, I saved more money than I imagined. I learned some valuable lessons about me. I cried. I laughed. I traveled. I survived a semester of 5 classes + a lab. I had some awesome mom wins. Overall, I lived my best life. I flourished in myself.

Flourish was my 2017 word. I feel like I was successful & for that I am grateful.

2018 welcome & Lessssgo!

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