#GOALS - Quarter 2

So something I want to do on this blog was be a little transparent. People always seem perfect when you read about their achievements. I am by no means perfect! I have been on this goal setting kick for a little minute. At the beginning of the year, or maybe it was the end of 2016, I started thinking about what I wanted to achieve in 2017. I made a list. This is usually the first step to making real goals.

I make a list of things that I want to achieve and things I want to do with no rhyme or reason, some are a little far fetch but they were on my mind at the time so they go on the list.

So, here is my initial list for 2017:

·         Get my car! DONE!!!!!

·         Increase no touch savings by $1000

·         Stick to a strict budget

·         Maintain a 3.0 GPA in school

·         Grow my audience for PFBO (PartyFramesbyOSO

·         Start a consistent workout regimen

·         Read more books

·         Explore solo travel

·         Invest time in myself

·         Focus

·         Blog regularly

·         Increase PFBO Orders

·         STOP Procrastinating

·         Have weekly mommy/daughter time with my daughter

·         Get a skin care regimen

·         Go to an NFL game

·         Get my wardrobe together

·         Start physical photo albums

·         Start home buying process

The point of this list is to just get it out, in a brain dump sort of way. This is a starting point to build upon. The important thing I have learned about setting goals is that they have to be specific and measurable to be effective. Some of the things on my list are very general. Some will take serious time, more than a year but this is just a starting point.

I decided this year to set goals by quarter & I will track the progress here. The point of this step is to be realistic about what we hope to achieve. At this point, go over the initial list and decide on the following 3 things:

What we want to achieve?

Why we want to achieve it?

How we are going to achieve it?


Quarter 2


·         In order to make my goal of $1000 for the year I need to add $250 to my online savings account. I use Ally Online Savings for my “no touch” savings account
Emergencies are going to happen, so to “stay ready, so we don’t have to get ready” we always need to put money aside for a rainy day.

o   This account is my emergency fund. I don’t touch it once it goes in.

·         Start envelope system for budgeting. A goal of mine is to tell my money where to go so that I can keep better track of it.
Like most of us, I don’t know where my money goes most of the time.

o   I created my own envelopes which you can do to (I will share my process later) or you can get some here or here.


·         Lose 10lbs
I am about 20lbs from my goal weight. I need to get rid of that fluff in the midsection. Y’all know what I mean...

o   Work out 3xs a week

·         Utilize Google Calendar for EVERYTHING
I need to get my life in order, as a mommy and entrepreneur my schedule is all over the place most of the time


·         Get partyframesbyoso.com up and running
Currently I am utilizing social media and osojazy.com to field my orders so I am excited about getting PFBO its own space

o   I am working with Charles of PastDueBranding on this you can check out the progress and sign up for updates here.

·         Create Social Media/Blog Posts in advance
This one is kind of self-explanatory but, I would like to post on the PartyFramesByOSO Instagram and Facebook pages more often

o   Utilize Large Monthly Planner for this. I ordered this one from MochiThings.


I want you to write down what you want to achieve for 2017! Then decide what you want to focus on in Quarter 2? Let me know, by leaving a comment below, Tweet me @osojazy or email me theeosojazy@gmail.com !

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