3 Character Traits We Should ALL Work On.

I mean even if you just so happen to be perfect, it wouldn't hurt to work on these 3 things.

1. Procrastination.

Lets face it, most of us procrastinate on a regular basis.
This is a HUGE fault of mine.
I gotta do better.
The tendency to put things off, doesn’t do anyone any good.

2. Indecisiveness.

We all have to be able to make decisions.
Don’t be that “idk” person your whole life.
In order to own your existence you have to make decisions.
I’m not saying you gotta fly by the seat of your pants.
However, we gotta learn to make decisions

3. Appreciation.

This may be a personal qualm of mine.
We shouldnt take anything for granted.
People, places and things come and go.
Try to appreciate who & what you have.
Life is short.



#GOALS - Quarter 2

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