What's Up Wednesday!

This week has been a sh*t storm. My car stopped working and had to be towed to the dealership. I was shook. I love my car. It was extremely hard for me to see my baby on the tow truck & it hurt even more when they told me it could be $5,000+.

Needless to say .. its been a week. However, I can't be consumed by that. 

So here's whats up...

  • I was reading this article about Ellen Pompeo, she's Meredith Grey. She's the highest-paid actress on primetime TV! I love to see women boss up! #motivation also,  I'm obsessed with Grey's Anatomy. Its on Netflix, a great show to binge if you've never seen it. I'm on my third time watching from the beginning.
  • My child lives life on her own time, which is all fine and dandy if we weren't operating in a world with bedtimes, school and work. She takes 20 minutes to get up in the morning, then 30 minutes to eat half of her waffle, which leaves little to no time for brushing the teeth and getting the clothes and shoes on, nevermind if hair is in the mix. So someone recommended trying a kitchen timer to set time limits on the things she needs to do .. so I just ordered this, should be here by Friday. We will start next week.. stay tuned.
  • Ya'll know I love a good podcast, and this one with Luvvie and Myleik = everything I ever needed!
  • In my quest to find "healthy" snacks, I came across these. Pretty good. Get the job done. I need more easily accessible "healthy" snacks.. suggestions anyone?
  • It was a rough beginning of the week, affirmations help me get through it. Check these out.
  • A friend shared this video with me. Just when you wanna quit. DON'T. Keep someone around you that will remind you, that you got this! 




No Weapon Formed Against Me...

What's Up Wednesday!