What's Up Wednesday!


It’s What’s Up Wednesday! This week is crazy town at work and not for play. I will be extremely glad when this week is ovaaaa.

So this week, I have been doing the most. My mind and life are everywhere currently.

  • Someone sent me this Love Language Quiz last week so I took it. My Love Language is Quality Time & Words of Affirmation was a close 2nd. I think that really speaks to who I am as a person, especially in a relationship .. so I will agree. Go take it and let me know what you get in the comments!
  • Seen these fun little shoes in an email from Nordstrom. They don’t look that cute in the regular pics, but they looked super cute on the model.
  • Have I ever mentioned that I cant stand gummy vitamins? Ugh. They are usually the worst, but I got these at Target and they are tolerable. They are a lot softer than most of the gummy vitamins I have tried. For some reason regular pill vitamins are a commodity, I could barely find any.
  • I think I might be ready for summer after that little 5 minute winter we had last week, I think these are super fun, they will be on my summer list. Perfect lightweight travel sandals.
  • I got on an old school, not too old, vibe last week and reached into the archives for this gem. If you know me, you know Kelis is my fav and I just love this album.
  • I have been trying to eat right, so I have been on a chicken and greens diet-ish kinda thing. I need to lose 15lbs. My bestie sent me this recipe, I am going to try it next week. Seems simple enough.
  • Sabbatical is supposed to be over tomorrow, I don’t know if I am really ready to go back to social media or not. I will see how I feel about it tomorrow.

That’s it for this installment.



What's Up Wednesday!

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