What's Up Wednesday!


This week, I feel more at ease, last week around this time I was distraught about my car. Trying to figure out what I was gonna do, and how I was going to do it. Talk about stress. Although I do not have my car back yet, I do have a plan of action and I am no longer gonna worry about it.

So this week ..

1.     I went to visit a coworker at another office the other day and they introduced me to planning on the iPad. Like digital planning, using a stylus to write things and I am a tad obsessed! I found this quick video on YouTube channel to see more. Now I am feeling like I need to a) bring my old iPad out or b) get an iPad Pro so I can be a digital planner. I am so geeked about this .. I wonder if I can just do it on my phone.. hmm.

2.     My daughters 8th Birthday was on Monday, so she had a party/sleepover. She wore this little jumpsuit that I picked up in the final hour. Everyone asked about it, she looked so cute. I love the kids section at Target these days.

3.     I am driving a rental car this week, it sucks. I miss my car.

4.     After this car situation, and the huge amount of stress I felt surrounding that situation it had prompted me to just REALLY want to get out of debt. I don’t want to owe anyone anything ever and I don’t want to be forced to make decision due to lack. I want to always consider all my options and pursue the one that best suits me. I don’t want to be controlled by a lack of money, transportation, knowledge anything. This particular DebtFree post on Dave Ramseys IG motivated me. Like if they can do it why can’t I? I think I am going to document my Get Out of Debt strategies over on Bougie and the Budget so make sure you go subscribe to stay updated with the launch.

5.     I need new bedding super bad, but I am so indecisive about it. I saw this on Urban Outfitters website and I thought the Charcoal Grey might be a good blank canvas to start with.. but I still can't commit. Smh. I know I want a simple comforter because I want to dress my bed up with pillows and a throw blanket but I’m still undecided.

6.     Daylight Savings time has been kicking my butt! Dude, I am so off.. I found this article on the LA Times with tips to coping. I am so over it. As a matter of fact, I am up too late right now working on this post.

7.     I need a new phone case, anyone wanna get me this one? Kidding, I haven’t reached that level of extra-ness at this point in my life. I actually do want/need a new case but I am kinda in love with the one I have hence its pending demise. It’s been through a lot, but still holding strong. Guess we will stay together a little longer.

Thats all folks! I am ti'ed.




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