#GOALS Quarter 2 - UPDATE!

So this is an update post on how my quarterly goals are going. If you haven’t read what they are yet, go back and read that here.


·         Add $250 to my online savings account

I am on target to add my $250 for the quarter into my “No Touch” savings account. I set up an auto draft of $100 a month so I don’t even have to think about this one. Go me!

·         Start Envelope System for Budgeting

I did create my own envelopes, and I have been going to the bank on payday and depositing my cash into my envelopes for the 2 week period.

o   Pits:

  • I feel like I am spending too much money in the first week that I’m so short the second week.
  • I don’t like that I can’t see what’s in each envelope. So I am going to try to find clear envelopes or try using something different.
  • I have had to shift money a lot for unexpected expenses like school picture day for my daughter, birthdays, holidays, etc. I also somehow didn’t budget for my daughter’s hair appointments.

o   Peaks:

  • I haven’t been dipping into my bill account for the categories I set up envelopes for. So I have been kind of staying on budget.
  • I am more mindful of my spending with the cash as expected.

o   Adjustments Going Forward:

  • Only take out half of the amounts each Friday (the equivalent of one week) instead of taking the full set amount at once for the pay period.
  • I am going to have to adjust some amounts in the budget or add a category for the unexpected expenses.

Conceptually I LOVE the envelope system, like with anything new, I think I need to adjust my execution. I can definitely see myself having this under control by the end of the quarter!


·         Lose 10lbs

o   Pits:

  •   I haven’t been to the gym this week. Don’t be judgey.

o   Peaks:

  • I did meal prep this week with a friend. My healthy meals are delicious. So I’m in to it.

o   Adjustments Going Forward:

  • I am going to get back in the gym, not going has actually been throwing me off. I’ve been feeling lethargic and just off my game.
  • I am going to Miami at the beginning of June, and I am trying not to be the fat friend on the trip. Pray for me y'all.

I am still on track for this, I actually haven't weighed myself. I think this goal is still attainable.

·         Utilize Google Calendar

o   Pits:

  • I haven’t been using it. Confession: I am a stationary addict, I have so many planners, calendars, and notebooks. It’s seriously overwhelming. I need to get it together.

o   Peaks:

  • Google Calendar is extremely easy to use and convenient.

o   Adjustments Going Forward:

  • Uhmm, actually put things on the calendar.
    *picks up phone and adds everything I can think of*


·         Get partyframesbyoso.com up and running

o  Pits:

  • I have been extremely scatterbrained and all over the place so I am kind of behind on some of the elements of the site I am supposed to be working on.

o  Peaks:

  • I had an awesome conference call with Charles of PastDueBranding to discuss the wireframe mock up. So its coming along!

o   Adjustments Going Forward:

  • Refocus! Knock out these final projects so I can get the site up and running. I can’t wait for you guys to see what we are working on!

·         Create Social Media/Blog Posts

o  Pits:

  • Huh?

o  Peaks:

  • Uhmm….

o  Adjustments Going Forward:

  • Basically I haven't done anything. I suck. Just do it Jasmine. SHEESH. I am gonna do better.

Overall, I am not a complete failure this Quarter, but I definitely have some areas I need to improve on going forward. I’ve been in one of those zones where I am just all over the place. I heard Mercury was in retrograde. I haven’t been on my routine and it’s been driving me crazy. I am refocusing and getting my sh* back together. I’ve been listening to my podcasts again and trying to read more. I’ll keep you all updated!

How are you guys doing on your goals? Let me know, by leaving a comment below, Tweet me @osojazy or email me theeosojazy@gmail.com !

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