What's Up Wednesday!

Hey y'all! Its Wednesday and I am still discombobulated.  I think they say Mercury was in retrograde last week or something so that probably explains the nutso stuff that was going on.. I ain't got an excuse for this. Keep me in prayer, cuz I am a mess right now! 


1.      I am truly impressed with Invasion of Privacy. I don’t know why I like Cardi so much, I feel like everyone does at this point. I am just thoroughly impressed with her being her genuine self at all times. I was a little skeptical after Be Careful (its since grown on me) but this album is SOLID.

2.      I have been a terrible awful student lately, that little Spring Break threw me off track. I need to get back on the horse. I got distracted with my car, and study dates before Spring Break, then it was my little sisters birthday so I wasn’t in the library Saturday. I can’t focus enough to do anything at work. I need a routine update.

3.      I covered my cabinet in my office with this stuff. It’s so fun. I have to clean my office up more, or I would post a picture but it’s still a mess. Stay tuned.

4.   Bougie and the Budget is literally done. Ahhhhhhh ! I have started posting on the Instagram account be sure to follow here! The site is done. The launch date is TBD tho, lol. I am so indecisive about it so I just don’t know when. Hopefully by the end of the week.

Short week, still finishing up stuff for BATB & I'll be back here with regular posts on Friday, but I am thinking about switching regular blog posts to Mondays, ya know something to start the week with.. idk tho. I cant focus right now, so I will figure it out after the new site launches!  

much love.



What's Up Wednesday!

What's Up Wednesday!