30 for 30 Bucketlist !


I turned 30 on Sunday, August 26th. It was a rocky road leading up to 30. I was shook. So I took time to make this list last week to try to come up with the silver lining to being old(er). lol

Okay, so not quite sure where I got this idea from, but here it is. My 30 for 30 list. 

30 things I want to do/accomplish in my 30th year. There are many caveats to the things listed, but I will explore and explain more as I accomplish the things.

  1. Visit the National Museum of African American History & Culture.

  2. Take a Solo Trip.

  3. Take professional photos with my little.

  4. Go hiking.

  5. Take a Yoga class.

  6. Ride an animal. (Horse, Camel, Donkey, idk)

  7. Read 10 Books

  8. Do some kind of "run" (bubble, color, etc)

  9. Travel to a city I've never been to.

  10. Take a cooking class.

  11. Make some $$$ blogging.

  12. Get a piercing.

  13. Keep a gratitude jar.

  14. Do a YouTube video or Podcast.

  15. Go to a professional baseball game.

  16. Design a new Resume and CV.

  17. Go to a gun range.

  18. Do RAOK or PIF, regularly.

  19. Cook a holiday meal with friends/family.

  20. Learn a new skill.

  21. Go on a blind date.

  22. Learn to meditate.

  23. Send handwritten Thank You notes.

  24. Take a spontaneous road trip.

  25. Make chili.

  26. Work on public speaking. Join toastmasters.

  27. Go wine tasting.

  28. Go to an outdoor concert.

  29. Fly first class.

  30. Do SOMETHING for 30 days.

I will be sure to share as I go/check things off.. Have you ever made an annual bucket list? If you were to create a list, what would be on it?

Let me know in the comments! 

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