What's Up Wednesday!


Hey y'all! Its What’s Up Wednesday! I am excited to say that this is the last week of the semester! I am beyond happy. Lol. I need a break .. although, summer school is about to start. Next think I know it will be graduation time! Ahhhh!

This week has been random and super busy..

1.      I ordered this shirt from Gifted Apparel NYC for my trip to Dallas at the end of the month. Something fun and cute, plus I got 40% off. I plan to stay as cool as possible during this trip! I heard that the summers down there are no joke. So I gotta play it safe. Everything else for this trip I plan to get from my closet.

2.      I have been super debating on whether or not I want to upgrade my phone to the iPhone X but, I am almost done paying for this one and I would just love to see my cell bill decrease. I just want to pay everything off, I don’t want any debt. So I might just hang on to my phone as long as possible.

3.       I meant to talk about this last week, but I watched the interview that Kelis did about her struggles with her ex-husband, Nas. If you know me, or if you don’t, you know that I LOVE Kelis! She is totally my spirit animal you can catch out the interview here.

I could of done this interview myself. I could hear myself talking the whole time. It's crazy that you truly never know a persons story, until they tell it themselves. I love the fact that she has been private for so long, but enough is enough and sometimes you have to speak for yourself. I have a new level of respect for her because of this. She is just it for me.

4.      The internet has been going nuts over the Kanye rants and all of the things that have been coming out of his mouth lately. His delivery is off, but I get what he was trying to say, and I also understand why most people won’t get it. It really shed a light to me on the true influence of the media on how people think. Also, it reverberated the fact that too many people see themselves as underdogs, or come from a mental space of lack or less.

I would like to introduce the idea of thriving to everyone reading this, I know we have all been through some things. Those things happened, they are over, and if they are not, this too shall pass. We have to relish in abundance and ambition to improve our lives and the lives of our families. The mindset is so important.

As one we are small, but together we can bring about great change and influence. I want to encourage everyone to try to work together, so we can all work smarter and not harder and have a greater impact.

5.      This week on Bougie and the Budget I shared my story on how I got to be interested in budgeting and personal finance. It was very transparent, and I plan to share more detail as time goes on, if you haven’t already you can check that out here.

6.      The Met Gala was the other night, my fav looks were Cardi B and Jeremy Scott, yall know I love me some Cardi. I think Blake Lively & this look were my fav. Cassie was bomb. Sza  looked like a princess. Rih-Rih did her thang too…I am no fashionista, just a regular chick who likes what she likes.

The end.




What's Up Wednesday!

What's Up Wednesday!